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Join KNOX in stewarding Hartford’s green spaces, planting trees, maintaining community gardens, and more. There are plenty of opportunities available for anyone interesting in volunteering!

Green TeamJoin our Green Team and meet up with KNOX volunteers once a month to tackle environmental projects in Hartford.
Hartford Cleans UpA yearly citywide clean-up event by groups of volunteers. Discover how a couple hours of your time can make a lasting impact in Hartford.
Corporate VolunteersLearn how your company can serve Hartford.
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Volunteers connect with KNOX in many ways:

  • Regular volunteer groups — Typically small groups (under 12 people) include middle or high school students who take on responsibility for a specific range of tasks. They are supervised by school personnel. They tend to work 2 hours per visit.
  • One-time volunteer groups — Groups of 10 to 40 people affiliated with businesses, colleges, schools, service groups, etc. come to KNOX or a neighborhood site for 3 to 8 hours of service, usually focused on a single major task.
  • Community volunteers — Individuals, usually adults, who assist KNOX in their own communities. Typically, these are community or school garden coordinators who assist in communication and coordination among people at their site.
  • Individual volunteers — Individuals who provide clerical assistance for educational programs or gardening activities, on a regular basis over an extended period of time.
  • Corporate Volunteers — Companies and organizations come together to help the community while team building. 
  • Committees — Groups, usually adults, who come together to assist in program development, fundraising or other activities. 

Training and Orientation

All volunteers are provided with orientation to the KNOX mission and made aware of the importance of the work they are asked to do. When the work involves skills not already possessed by the volunteers, KNOX staff trains them to carry it out through instruction, coaching, and, in the case of larger groups, group problem-solving activities. Appropriate safety measures are always part of basic training and all work is carried out under direct supervision of experienced KNOX staff. Committees have an appointed staff liaison.