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Raising local farmers who strengthen our food system and community.



Participants will learn a combination of technical and soft skills that relate directly to the challenges of working in agriculture, with the ultimate goal of meeting the demand for locally produced foods.

Upon completing this program, participants will be able to:

1) Demonstrate ability to utilize urban farming techniques.

2) Understand and consider food as a system.

3) Work and learn with other farmers in the local food system.

In this program, participants will have access to in ground/greenhouse growing space, seed packets, water, space at the KNOX Farmers Market, 1:1 support from the Urban Farm Team, business classes, educational workshops, classroom supplies, book sign out, and more.

The program consists of 3 Levels of support for entrepreneurs with a farm-based business including:

Level 1 program participants will graduate from the KNOX Urban Farming Program with a firm understanding of the basics of agriculture and the essential experience of growing produce. Program participants will have all necessary competencies to enter an entry-level position within the agricultural industry.

Level 2 of the KNOX Urban Farming Program is designed to offer participants independent growing space to explore what they’re interested in growing and develop business planning skills to determine how those crops fit into a business plan. The focus for the year is to explore strategies for generating revenue, independent growth, and planning.

Level 3 of the KNOX Urban Farming Program is designed to provide program participants support as they develop and/or scale their agricultural business, while focusing on long-term sustainability. This includes refining a business plan based on Level 1/Level 2 experience, acquiring licenses/permits/etc to support business, and identifying resources needed to sustain the business in the future.

Interested in learning how to become an urban farmer?

Interested in learning how to become an urban farmer?

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