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Bring a splash of nature to your storefront, office, or place of business with a KNOX City Planter!


KNOX City Planters

Each year, KNOX and the Greater Hartford Green Team prepare 300 planters with flowering annuals and foliage centerpieces for citywide beautification.

The gorgeous planters are generous in size and make use of locally grown annuals, providing a welcoming environment that encourages residents and visitors to spend more time outside. The result is a pedestrian friendly, walkable streetscape and a sense of community pride.

All planters are delivered and
maintained for you!

Beginning in March, the Greater Hartford Green Team, along with community volunteers, plant the seeds and seedlings to be transferred into large 3-foot planters in May. Each planter is conveniently delivered to your requested location in June.

Maintenance is included with the purchase of a planter, and includes frequent, thorough watering, removal of trash, and communication with KNOX if problems arise. KNOX will replace healthy planters damaged by vehicles or vandalism.

Order your planter online using our KNOX City Planters Order Form or via email.