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About KNOX


KNOX supports the needs of Hartford’s citizens, communities, and businesses through horticulture and urban farming based opportunities. Together, we are actively improving the environment and building a greener, more sustainable, and healthy Hartford.

what we believe


Mission Statement

Connecting and empowering communities to grow a greener, healthier Hartford

Our Vision

Everyone shares in an equitable, thriving urban greenspace.
About KNOX


The vision of KNOX is a capital city revitalized by horticulture and urban reforestation through the individual and collective efforts of its residents, businesses and government; a city where every neighborhood has an active community garden and where all residents feel the impact of these gardens on their own individual lives; a city where residents share a strong sense of pride, place, and connection to each other.

About KNOX


KNOX was founded in 1966 by city councilwoman Betty Knox when she established a trust fund to help improve her hometown of Hartford, Connecticut. Two areas of focus were established – funding community development and operating “greening” programs. In 1976, the organization restructured, with KNOX continuing to lead programs to conserve and strengthen the city of Hartford and The Betty Knox Foundation providing grants to support Hartford residents.

From 1978 until 2000, KNOX was located in the caretaker’s cottage in Hartford’s Elizabeth Park. In 2000 when the city of Hartford undertook renovation of the cottage into the now standing Elizabeth Park Visitor Center, KNOX moved its operation to Laurel Street.

Here, KNOX coordinates a variety of programs including, Green Jobs Apprenticeships, Youth Environmental Education, Community Gardening, City Planters, Trees for Hartford Neighborhoods, Greater Hartford Green Team, Urban Farming, and Hartford Cleans Up.

KNOX is an ever-growing coalition of residents, volunteers, corporate partners, and community organizations that support Hartford’s people and place.