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“One well-maintained front yard can inspire a whole block to do the same!”



The Hartford Urban Gardeners Society annually recognizes residents, businesses, organizations, and neighborhoods for outstanding landscaping, gardens, and project clean-up efforts within the City of Hartford. 

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2023 Hartford Urban Gardeners Society Awards annually presented by KNOX, Inc., McCarter & English, The City of Hartford, and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. 

Hartford features many beautiful green spaces that bring joy and beauty to our community! Every neighborhood has at least one spot where everyone recognizes as a person who loves to garden and share that love with us all.

Interested in nominating someone for the HUGS Award?

Anyone can submit a nomination between June 1st through October 15th by completing a HUGS Award Nomination Form with the following information.

Please include: 

  • Contact details for the person nominating  
  • Contact details for the person being nominated 
  • The location of the garden selected 
  • Pictures sent to 

Awardees will be celebrated on November 18th in a special ceremony during the annual KNOX Harvest Market held on Laurel Street. All are invited to participate as we recognize all nominees!