UTC, Engineers Without Borders, and Hartford High School Install Rainwater Harvesting System at KNOX’s Community Garden

On Friday, September 20th, 2019, over 40 volunteers from United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Engineers Without Borders, and Hartford High School joined KNOX staff to enhance KNOX’s new Hudson Street Community Garden. Volunteers installed a rainwater harvesting system on the garden’s gazebo to supply water for the site’s raised garden beds. Gregory Hayes, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of UTC, worked alongside volunteers as they built two 300L water catchment containers to collect the water. Their efforts will significantly reduce the cost of watering the garden – one of KNOX’s greatest on-going needs across the 23 community gardens they manage.

Volunteers further enhanced the garden by preparing its raised garden beds for the fall growing season. They will return to the site later this fall to install two park benches and a picnic table. These new additions will provide space for community gardeners and visitors to relax and connect with one another. Volunteers will also build and install an additional 18 raised garden beds, enabling more Hartford residents to grow healthy produce for their families.  

Volunteers From UTC, Hartford High School, and Engineers Without Borders in the Hudson Street Garden. (UTC Chairman & CEO, Gregory Hayes at right)

This project is directly increasing access to healthy, affordable food for the Hartford community. KNOX manages and maintains 23 community gardens that enable over 400 Hartford families to grow their own produce locally. The high-quality foods from gardens like Hudson Street are a much-needed source of nutrition for people in the city. KNOX plans to continue to work with UTC and Engineers Without Borders to design and build rain catchment systems in other community gardens. Thanks to partners like UTC, Engineers Without Borders, and Hartford High School, Hudson Street Community Garden will serve the Hartford community for years to come.