Making an Impact with Environmental Education

Students from Impact Academy are digging KNOX. This month, a group of vibrant high schoolers helped prepare the pollinator bed at our new community garden on Sigourney Street. To start our day, we discussed the need for pollinators and their importance to garden health. The goal of this activity was to provide opportunities for young adults to get involved in the local community. Impact Academy students did such a great job in preparing the soil for the pollinator beds that it was ready for younger students involved with KNOX to use. Their efforts represent the purpose of KNOX’s partnership with Impact Academy, which is to provide students with unique opportunities and learning experiences.

KNOX, started this fruitful partnership with Impact Academy last spring. During their Urban Farming class, we worked with Friends of Pope Park to support student investigations about water, discuss plant health and teach basic garden techniques. The fresh produce grown was donated to families living in the Parkville community.

This year, students will participate in service-learning opportunities in neighborhoods served by Knox. In addition, KNOX will collaborate to plan and help implement a five-week spring program to help students to grow more of their own produce.

Impact Academy “works to help students grow by identifying and building upon their strengths and interests, and by striving to ensure that learning is always relevant to them.” The Environmental Education program at KNOX encourages youth interest in horticulture and motivates them to engage in environmental stewardship.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Impact Academy students and to encourage them to have a personal relationship with their local environment.