As this year has shown, our growing season in the Northeast is often shorter than desired, especially for those trying to grow longer season crops. But you don’t have to build a whole greenhouse in order to grow long into the winter. Come out and learn some simple ways to extend your growing period. This […]

Nourish your imaginative gardening side with this hands-on workshop led by fairy garden enthusiast and Hartford resident Susan Peters! Reimagine the spaces in your yard that can create tiny worlds for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Find nooks in old tree roots that can give rise to whorled doors. Thatch together mini roofs with […]

How to Attract Monarch Butterflies with Visual Appeal Learn native strategies for gardening to attract monarch butterflies in this workshop led by Teri Powell. Monarch butterfly populations have suffered in recent decades due to habitat destruction by humans. Monarchs are important pollinators as well as a food source for many birds and caterpillars. Their health […]

Learn about KNOX’s Incubator Farming Program and tour the Hartford Grown Headquarters farm. In partnership with UConn, KNOX will host a yearlong urban farmer training program in Hartford starting in the fall of 2016. This program is perfect for community gardeners who would like to scale up their production levels to sell at local markets. […]

Learn the basics of the cutting edge way to grow protein and fresh produce. Hydroponics uses water and micro/macro nutrients while aquaponics uses water with fish waste as the replacement for those nutrients. The class will include layouts of different designs and different uses for an economical and efficient way to grow food. It will […]

  This workshop consists of an introduction to various mushroom cultivation terms and techniques, followed by a hands-on group demonstration that will help you get started growing your own gourmet or medicinal mushrooms in your home or garden. Attendees will actually observe and participate in the inoculation of various substrates and the creation of “grow […]

Join us for the Grand Opening of a Greenhouse at KNOX! MONDAY, JUNE 11 11:00 AM KNOX, 75 Laurel St, Hartford, CT Owner Norma Patrissi of Patrissi Nursery offered to donate a greenhouse to KNOX if the nonprofit was able to fund the disassembly and rebuilding of it on KNOX’s site. Thanks to substantial donations […]