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KNOX Community Forums

KNOX will be hosting a series of Community Forums during the week of December 3rd.

The sessions will include briefings on the retirement of Executive Director Ron Pitz in February 2019, and updates on key programs and services at the organization with an opportunity for input on future projects and initiatives.

It will also offer community members, donors, volunteers, KNOX members and KNOX urban farmers and gardeners a time to ask questions, provide feedback, and discuss how we can all work together to facilitate the continued growth of KNOX.

Register now – sessions are limited to 20 attendees each.

Session 1:  Tuesday Dec 4th @ 5:30pm

Session 2: Wednesday Dec 5th @ 8:00am

Session 3: Thursday Dec 6th @12:30pm

Session 4: Friday Dec 7th @3:00pm

Please RSVP to ClasinaJ@knoxhartford.org to register for a session.