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BF 202: Farm Financial Statements and Analysis

Free Training for Beginning Farmers held in partnership with UCONN.

Trainer – Ted LeBow of Kitchen Table Consultants

Ted’s two passions are financial sustainability and growing entrepreneurs and their teams. He is driven to help entrepreneurs to understand HOW they make a profit, not how much profit they make. He has worked with hundreds of small business owners, all over the country, creating and helping them execute against their financial goals. He regularly presents seminars around cash flow, profitability and how to know if you’re profitable. Ted was the Interim Executive Director for The Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture, a non-profit focused on promoting profitable farms that produce healthy food for all people while respecting the natural environment, has sat on multiple non-profit Boards of Directors, and has helped entrepreneurs and non-profits raise over $60 million in debt, equity, and donations.

He has lived in Bala Cynwyd, just west of Philadelphia, since 1997. In his spare time he shares a fleet of 1950’s era tractors and equipment with Philadelphia urban farms, cuts and mills his own lumber for live-edge furniture, fly fishes, builds bamboo fly rods, and participates along with his wife (as much as possible) in the lives of his three daughters (18, 22, 24).

Training Objectives:
So now you’ve got your accounting system set up, so what? This 3 hour seminar will focus on 3 areas:

1) Balance Sheet understanding and Analysis, how to find cash in your balance sheet and why this is the most important document to your lender.

2) Cash Flow forecasting: we will build/review and 13 week rolling cash flow—if you’ve ever not been able to know what you should pay and when and how to think about the short-term future of your cash, we’ll go through this process and you’ll leave with and actual spreadsheet that you can use to forecast your cash, easily and efficiently.

3) Budgets!! We will step though building an interactive budget from scratch in under 1 hour!! And you can do it.

In all of these processes we will be using real life examples to build and discuss the process. This seminar is meant to be interactive so come with your questions and situations from your own business.

Note: this seminar assumes you’ve already been to 102, but you can still participate if you haven’t.

Bonus: Following this training, attendees will be invited to request free one-on-one consulting for a limited number of hours from this trainer in 2018.

E-mail charlotte.ross@uconn.edu to RSVP!