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Coltsville Neighborhood Workshop: Let’s Make Coltsville More Pedestrian Friendly

On January 23rd, you’ll be able to put your new skills to work during a follow-up workshop to compile your sidewalk and streetscape improvement ideas.

With a national historical park on the way, now is a good time to get ready for visitors to your neighborhood.

By noon, we will:
– Compile a list of proposed improvements to sidewalks, crosswalks and streets so visitors and residents feel more welcomed and safe and
– Mark up a map to show a walking route and wayfinding signs for visitors to tour Coltsville landmarks.

Location: Parish House of Church of the Good Shepherd

James Woolsey and John Monroe of the National Park Service Rivers & Trails Program will lead this interactive and fun workshop.

This is one of the steps underway to turn the resources of the neighborhood into a cohesive National Park.

Please contact Ryan O’Halloran at 860 951-7694, ext. 12 or ryano@knoxhartford.org to reserve a seat.