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BF 102: Setting up Financial Records for Farm Businesses

Free Training for Beginning Farmers held at Lyceum!


Trainer – Ted LeBow of Kitchen Table Consultants

Training objective:
Setting up an Accounting System is really important. We will go through best practices for setting up your accounting system, with an emphasis on Quickbooks, but these practices will be applicable to any system you might be using. Topics include: Separating personal and business finances and enterprise finances, setting up your chart of accounts, accounting systems to make your process more efficient and using your Profit and Loss statement to help you run your business.

We will delve into the P & L so that the attendee will be able to understand what its purpose is and for. We will be using live real-life examples of a two farms, each with annual sales of just under $200,000. One is a full season vegetable farm that has both wholesales and CSA customers and the other a multi-species livestock operation. Both examples are REAL (the names have been changed to protect their privacy).

Bonus: Following this training, attendees will be invited to request free one-on-one consulting for a limited number of hours from this trainer in 2018.

Extra Bonus from Kitchen Table Consultants: Sign up for Wholesale Quickbooks online pricing through Kitchen Table Consultant, typically 50% off the retail price. You can start new or transfer your existing account for the discount.

Upcoming Training at KNOX:
BF202: Financial Record Keeping for Farm Operations – January 3, 2018 from 3 – 6 pm

E-mail charlotte.ross@uconn.edu to RSVP!