Let’s get to it! (COVID-19 Update 4/15/2020)

We are here because of you. We are here for you.

The strength of KNOX rests in each of you and your efforts as volunteers, gardeners, donors, and most of all connectors. Our focus is using horticulture to engage the entire community and right now we all need each other! Now is the time to connect in new ways to share ideas, knowledge, and resources. Getting outside and getting your hands in the dirt can help you and our neighbors. Here are some ways we can do it.

Get into a KNOX Garden. If you would like to grow food for yourself KNOX can help provide space, seeds, soil, and know-how. If you would like to grow food for others you can volunteer in a KNOX garden-we are partnered with Foodshare to help get fresh produce to people quickly! Click here to hear more about the opportunity!

Donate money. It costs KNOX approximately $150 a year to maintain and manage each garden plot. Your gift today will help get us growing! Despite a lot of uncertainty with our normal funding, we are moving forward together. Your support matters!

Donate supplies. With new regulations for community gardens KNOX needs to provide hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and soap within each of our 20 gardens. If you have extra we can put them to good use keeping growers safe. There is an especially high need for wipes and hand sanitizer.

Create a giving garden. If you have space of your own to garden we would love to support your efforts to grow food. That could mean seeds, strategies from other gardeners, garden layouts, and easy ways to donate food to the people who need it most. Let us know how we can hep!

Spread the word. However you choose to get involved, let people know! We are a growing organization and welcome the opportunity to meet new people (virtually) and help them get involved. You can tag us on facebook @knoxinc and on Instragram and Twitter @KNOXHartford. 

Share your tips. The strength of KNOX lies in the collective wisdom and experience of our entire community. Be a part of the conversation-share your successes and struggles and know that you are not alone.

We hope you are well and would love to hear from you! If you are interested in learning more about KNOX’s operations during COVID-19, they are provided below.

KNOX Operations Update

Our staff remains busy, however, like many non-profit organizations KNOX has needed to cut back on staff hours and expenses. We hope to return to full strength as soon as possible to accelerate these ideas. In compliance with restrictions from the state our offices are closed to outside visitors with many staff working remotely. Staff is still available by e-mail and phone and we are working together to be as responsive as we can.

KNOX has always believed that the people of Hartford have the ability to solve the problems we are facing. COVID-19 calls on us all to dig a little deeper-but we believe that we can do it by coming together. KNOX has partnered with the Connecticut Department of Agriculture to be sure our gardens are open and safe for growing fresh food. KNOX staff has planted thousands of seeds with an eye towards donating both plants and produce in partnership with Foodshare and other partners. We are also encouraging gardeners, farmers and volunteers to grow extra this year to share with our neighbors. 

Our new volunteer program matches available garden space, volunteers, and high-yield growing plans to boost the amount of fresh produce available in the places it is needed the most. KNOX is also seeking support to offer garden scholarships to people who have lost their jobs or struggle to find employment. 

Beyond our gardens the KNOX Green Crew has been providing essential services related to landscaping and green infrastructure, as well as cultivating plants for our KNOX city planters. We look forward to a return to new projects that include working with volunteer groups to plant trees and add beauty to Hartford neighborhoods—but those projects are on hold for now, until restrictions from social distancing ease.

You don’t have to wait! We can come together today and if we do tomorrow will be a little better and lot greener.